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Frank Pruett
Frank Pruett

Nylon Tranny _TOP_

10. Lingerie means...Pre-maritally: 'Yeah, baby!' Postmaritally: 'I know you're exhausted and the kids are screaming and you feel self- conscious about your stretchmarks and your cellulite, but since this is Christmas, could you indulge just the once?' Also, if it's from somewhere classy such as Damaris or Agent Provocateur, it says: 'I'm a sophisticated master of seduction.' If it's nylon High Street tat, it says: 'I'm a cheap lech.'

nylon tranny


10. A trimmed marabou nightie with matching high-heeled mules means... I'm A secret tranny and want to wear these once you've finished with them. But at least I'm the kind of man who gets your hints, knows your scent...and, by the way, here are some diamonds. 041b061a72


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