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Prison Architect Free Download (Future Tech Upd... :::

Hart-Teeter Poll: Americans Support E-Gov Americans feel that e-government will not only change the way they relate to government as customers of government services, but also as citizens of a democracy. Spies Like Us Want the same global information that spies all over the world use? Chosen this month by Yahoo! Internet Life as a Top 50 Incredibly Useful Site, this CIA web resource offers the best in public intelligence. From national commerce to international controversy, and from Afghanistan through Zimbabwe, the Central Intelligence Agency has it all at your fingertips. Managing Your Health Online "Know the source of the information," warns Jay Siwek in his "One Last Piece of Advice" column in the Health section of The Washington Post on April 25. He includes six government sites you can trust when it comes to your health. Defense Streamlines Procurement with Its Emall The Defense Logistics Agency is rooting for its Emall to streamline buying and save the taxpayer big bucks. Washington Post staff writer Sarah Schafer tells the story of government procurement via the Internet. Supplemental Information about Dietary Supplements Information about vitamin and mineral supplements is everywhere, but is it accurate? Writer Sally Squire answers the question in The Washington Post's Health Section. Here are her recommendations for helpful sites. Business Research? Don't Forget "Dot-gov" Writing for PC Computing magazine, a freelance writer provides an impressive array of free websites to help small businesses answer some of their most challenging research questions. Many sites in the list are commercial, but some industrial - strength federal sites made the cut. Safe Online Shopping Working from a "war room," Consumer Product Safety Commission investigators surf commercial sites and news groups to find recalled, illegal, and potentially dangerous products that are being sold on the Internet, reports The Washington Post's Consummate Consumer Don Oldenburg. Federal Outdoor Sites Featured in The Washington Post Three federal websites that appeal to outdoor enthusiasts were featured in a special report to The Washington Post Weekend. McDonald's Trayliners Promote Government Services Patrons who decide to eat in instead of getting their meals "to go" at McDonald's may also notice something new -- trayliners that list critical telephone numbers and websites for easy access to basic government services. NIH's Center for Information Technology's Website Gets Award Last year, this National Institutes of Health website won a CIO Web Business 50/50 Award as one of the top 50 Internet or 50 intranet/extranet business sites. The site packs a lot of punch to help NIH researchers and administrators manage grants and conduct NIH business. AOL's Government Guide Top Picks AOL's new GovernmentGuide site features Access America Online Magazine as a "top pick." Site visitors have also given 5-star ratings to Access America for Students, the General Service Administration's Consumer Information Center, and the Social Security Administration's Top 10 Services. Immigration and Naturalization Service Online Access Internet Magazine recently awarded the Immigration and Naturalization Service website four stars -- its top rating. This new, improved website is a critical part of the agency's efforts to put the "S" of service back into INS. Electronic Commerce Vice President Gore's vision for Access America is using the Internet to provide government services electronically to anyone who wants them, anywhere. Government Computer News assembles a montage of stories and sidebars to illustrate what federal agencies are doing to make government e-commerce a reality. VA Will Extend Its Benefits Reach Via a VPN The Veterans Benefits Administration is testing a virtual private network (VPN) as a way to set up a worldwide network of remote sites to provide veterans with benefits information, according to Government Computer News. CIO Report: Govern


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