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Buy Paumes Books

PAUMES books are Japanese interior books for inspiration. In a poetic and original approach, these booklets take a look at the homes of a number of creative families. Besides Paris, Stockholm, London, Finland, Belgium and Los Angeles were also visited. They are truly creative 'Bibles' which overflow with inspiration: fun to get ideas into or to dream away.

buy paumes books

Today was like Christmas again. A big parcel from Japan arrived at the door. I love it! I always get very excited when a parcel arrives, but even more when it's from Japan. It was our order of books from our favorite shop in Tokyo:Gallerie Doux Dimanche.It's also a small publishing company called Paumes owned by Fumie and her husband who is a photographer and took all the photos for their books.'Edition PAUMES is a small and dynamic family run Japanese publishers, working in close contact with artists and designers in Europe on different editorial projects. With a poetic and original approach, édition PAUMES explores the environments of those who stimulate the creative industries, and in doing has produced a set creative "bibles" that overflow with inspiration'.

We had the chance to meet Fumie while we were in Tokyo last October. She introduced us to her fabulous shop and to her book collection. Galllerie Doux Dimanche is now our first retailer in Japan selling our Family Trees and we are now the proud retailer of their books on Children's rooms.

The ones we have selected feature well-styled, creative and original bedrooms from real people living in different cities. Each room is unique with a personal touch (hand made toys, paintings, blankets...). At the end of each book you get a City guide of the best shops for kids and the best children's books.

If you'd like to get your hands on one of these books, then you will be able to see and purchase ('Children's Rooms London', 'Children's rooms Paris' and 'Children's rooms Stockholm') exclusively (in the UK) at Kids Modern show in Dulwich London on Sunday 15th February. 041b061a72


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