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The SHARE2U Dual USB Camera to USB 3.0 Pro AV camera mixer can be controlled by an application on the host side using our USB HID, RS-232 or LAN interfaces. You can also use the keypad on the top of the device to control it manually.

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You can use the camera mixer feature of the SHARE2U to embed your two video sources into one single stream. This feature can be an important asset for you if your application only supports one video interface, like Teams, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting and all video conferencing applications.

This 4K pro AV camera mixer is fully compatible with all cameras, including professional-caliber equipment, such as Vaddio, Huddly, HuddleCamHD, Aver, Jabra, Logitech, Marshall cameras, and web cameras.

*PC Driver v1.9 and Mac OS Core Audio for Onyx-i mixers do not support device aggregation. This means you cannot connect multiple Onyx-i devices to the same computer for simultanous use. Similarily, you cannot aggregate Onyx-i mixers with Onyx Blackbirds.

*Drive v4.1.0 + Control Panel v1.0.0 do support device aggregation on PC and Mac with other Onyx-i mixers, as well as Onyx Blackbirds (up to four devices). Note that if you are connecting an Onyx-i mixer to a PC or Mac by itself, the above PC or Mac driver is the appropriate driver for that setup. However, if you are planning to aggregate the Onyx-i mixer with an Onyx Blackbird, you will need the latest driver and control panel for the Onyx Blackbird which installs the Onyx Blackbird control panel and allows you to aggregate it with other Onyx-i mixers starting with the serial number 204.

Analog mixers are the mainstay of any audio system, and range in price and features. There are some diehard analog enthusiasts who will not move to a digital mixing board, as they believe the analog components sound superior to digital. If you are mixing a live band, you will want some additional signal processors to shape the sound of each instrument. Most analog mixing consoles will offer a built-in four band parametric EQ, which helps balance the tonal sound and carves out space for each instrument in the mix. It is rare to find analog consoles with built-in dynamics available on every channel. Therefore, an all-analog setup will require several racks of gear to accommodate the additional signal processing, such as compression and gates for each channel.

Digital mixers have made some considerable advances in recent years regarding the quality of the sound, and pricing that is comparable to many moderately priced analog consoles. Digital mixers offer the best solution for any touring band, with a large channel count and each channel packing four-band EQ, compression, and gating. Additionally, each output features graphic EQ for ringing out monitors. Many mixers feature internal effects with up to eight insert slots for use with internal sends. You can still use your favorite outboard gear, but the digital platform reduces the amount of gear substantially. Another benefit of the digital mixer is the wireless control options. Many mixers offer iOS and Android control apps.

Utilizing stage sub-snakes before going to the main stage snake will keep the cable clutter on stage to a minimum. Many digital mixers offer digital stage boxes that function like an analog stage snake, only instead of a 16- to 24-pair multi-channel cable, the digital snake will use a single CAT5 cable to connect to the mixer in the FOH position. This cuts down considerably on the weight and setup time of the entire system.

Hi there really interesting article. I have been reading about live sound reinforcement for a while and experimenting through trial and error. We have a little family band and do top 40 and Latin tunes as well. My system consists of 4 ekx15sp subs, 2 ekx 12sp tops, 12sp elx monitors and 1 etx 18sp sub also. ( overkill?) Well question is, do I need a speaker processor? Currently using presonus sl 24.4.2 ai mixer w software to ring out and analyzer. Question 2- 1 or 2 subs under mains ? I was thinking 1 and have other 2 15s , 1 on each side of 18" sub in center of band. Or all subs on the center? All your suggestions are appreciated!

In addition to automated functions, the DriveRack has integrated dbx compression and limiting as well as both a graphic and 8-band parametric EQ section. It also features driver-alignment delays and a crossover section that supports full-range, 2-way, and 3-way systems. You can control the DriveRack PA2 directly by connecting from your Mac or PC via the rear-panel USB port, or connect the PA2 to a wireless router via its Ethernet port for compatibility with iOS or Android devices.ReplyReplyQuoteDan G.3 weeks agoWell idk if it would be worth it for me to spend 500+ if the presonus sl mixer has the UC software with smaart , the powered speakers have the x over settings on them so the question is, would it be worth it to buy if it does basically the same thing? Your answers and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

Thanks for the response. I have used the software and as I don't consider myself a sound engineer, I do read alot and try to do the best I can with what I have. I value your input, if this unit is " superior" to the software that presonus includes with its mixers, I will most likely go with the unit. I think I can use the software to maybe " fine tune" if needed.

I am giving myself a crash course in basic studio sound engineering before the process of purchasing each component for our 5 person band: keys, horn, drums, guitar, bass (and possibly need for a 2nd keys and 2nd guitar for future recording). I've done alright thus far on a modest budget of piecing together harmonious components. Our genre is rock-oriented sound, but we keep the decibel level of this minimally insulated home studio/live rehearsal space at a reasonable level to accommodate my wife and kids two floors up! It's all good. I'm open to in-ear sound, but maybe down the road. I already have many cables, 2 excellent TC Helicon voice a/o horn multi-effect processors. I also have Mesa Flux Drive and Pedal Cracker to distort my vocals for another sound to call and response with the horn player. The set includes supplemental electric drums great during basic solo recording. There is a drum/PA Behringer Ultratone with cheap microphone set up in kick to give depth to live drums with electric drum set. We have an Alesis drum monitor for electric drums. I have a bulky vintage TOA PA for tiered keys and lead vocals with Stageright condenser/Shure 58 and 58/48 for horn and 48 or an el cheapo mic for live kick effect. I plan to use the recent purchase of a Tascam Portacapture 8 to serve potential mobile use and toms, snare symbols during studio recording for now. Guitarist and Bassist bring their amps. We have a powered Europort MPA40BT-Pro to monitor horn. We have a Tascam DR-40x for ambient capture with mics set in open position. We have JBL Series 3 desktop monitors. We want to soon live stream everything to both give folks an understanding of the process of forming original music while learning a rare cover as well as to up our game and keep us on our toes with a virtual audience. I just purchased and have not dove into OBS Studio and Restream. I have only used the basics of Garageband on iPhone. I also have a versatile Microsoft Surface Pro 8 PC/tablet that is powerful and could apply. Lastly I have a Focusrite Scarlett 8i8 that I use with Garageband for solo applications. I have not figured out it's full potential to provide the I/O necessary to hear and I/ for recording full band and live stream. I've used it primarily on my own doing very basic overdub solo recordings. Within the past month I've bought and returned a compact Tascam analogue mixer (don't recall the model); a Behringer Xenyx X1832 USB and an Behringer XAir XR18 and learned they don't seem to be right fit. The X Air may be close, but wifi setup was so cumbersome that after hours of attempts and many tutorials to connect, I put it back in the box and dropped it off at UPS. To me this was a red flag. I suppose I could have drilled another hole and run the ethernet cable from the Netgear router over head to the X Air directly in the basement. I was too headstrong for that. The question this soliloquy may boil down to is what mixer and other integrated features/components would be best to this application? Thanks for bearing with me. Just want to give the full picture.

Right now, I'm looking for 4 powered speakers to use with our sound system at a small theatre. I'm one of the board members and I in charge of finding the best speakers for our little theatre. We perform in an open floor setting. It's a large room and we put up pipe and drape to create a backdrop for the audience. I want to put one speaker in each corner so I could have stereo or Quad sound and make the sound move around the room when needed. I thought it would be best to have hard wired (XLR cables) powered speakers so they can be moved around and plugged in anywhere. Any suggestions on the best speakers for this setting? I can spend $500 - $800 for all four. I already have a mixer. I would also like to place them on stands in each corner. So, I'm thinking of buying two sets of two speakers with stands.

Shall I use the LMS along with my analog mixer and amplifier ? What is gonna be the difference if that is feasible ? If that is feasible how to go about my connections? Can you explain or point me to any URL that could give me a good idea ?

I dont have a clue how to really hook any of it up rigjt now i have just the lexicon effects going to the mixing board and its workimg cause it changes the sound of my vocals but i dont have a clue now how to hook up the EQ or if even really need it right now and if i dont what should i get right now for better sound. Some people said i need a crossover is this true? I read where you said that a signal prossor and a gate conditioner is the first thing that you should have when running thru a analog mixer if that is true what should i get and is their any way you can walk me threw hooking it up i really need help.. Thanks so much 350c69d7ab


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