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Holes In The Sky: The Sean Miller Story YIFY

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Holes In The Sky: The Sean Miller Story YIFY

To make movie, and to do it basicly from home, a 101 encyclopedia how to make a fictious documentary about a F. L. crime dissapearance, involving loads of hi tech stuff and trying to make an ''invaders from space'' abduction into something cool and nervewrecking...well dissapointed i was, not by the efforts and esteem, more the fact that the story is very generic...based on all the true life incidents that runs the gossip over there usa... that leads to a heartstuck lack of realism, and i do feel that i am one of the best moduscandidates to test such a film on, mostly due to im a grumpy old man, i am considering me as an eminent observer and viably sceptic and fully litterate norwegian that thinks far beyond the countyborder...yes its a film for the digital generation, baiting every conspirative thout on social media, and for the rednecked illiterat... a 2 star recommendation is generously given to ''holes in the plot'' 59ce067264


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