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Adobe Sans MM Font: A Guide to the Internal Substitution Font for PDF Files

Remember, this is the situation:* one and the same notebook with installations of Word 2007, AcrobatPro 9.1.2 including Distiller, and the LucidaSans font installed* a Word 2007 document using LucidaSans* neither PDFWriter nor Distiller creating a PDF that is fit forhanding over to a third party printing service provider.

Adobe Sans Mm Font

* Acrobat faking the original font with its built-in MM fonts justfor on-screen, but not for printing (and not warning about the fontproblem when printing to file, printing to printer, or printing toPDF [=redistilling]).

> If there is only one font on the PSD, then the PSD is for printing. > If there is a choice of typefaces on the PSD, then the PSD is for > viewing or browsing. If you want to embed a subset font only when > a low percentage of the font is used, then you have to go to the source > document and edit the font settings there. In this case, it may also be > desirable to set the thickness of the font to zero. With a thin font, you > cannot read much of the document, but it is not visible anyway.

Easiest solution - try to get the best results by using the best possibleembedding for the destination and choose font size etc.Font substitution during file creation should be a last resort.Use non-editable version. When using this solution, you need tocheck your PDF viewer if fonts substitution is correctly carried out.Ghostscript uses the lastest version of the source font (which may differ from the embedded font) to substitute the font duringcreation.


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