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Keyman Desktop 8.0 LINK

The answers from these questions will inform us how the keyboard should be created.If we have some experience designing typing keyboards for computers, the interface for designing touch keyboards looks deceptively similar. But the additional steps needed to make a touch layout work are not obvious. This tutorial walks us through the process of creating our first touch keyboard as well as a desktop keyboard as part of a complete keyboard solution in Keyman Developer. With Keyman we can have just one project to create a keyboard for a given language for all platforms.We will need to have Keyman Desktop and Keyman Developer installed on a Windows computer. Additionally, we may want one or more other devices on which we can test our keyboard.This tutorial is based on Keyman Developer version 14.

keyman desktop 8.0

In this tutorial we will create a keyboard for the Dagbani language of Ghana. The keyboard is for the Dagbani local community in Ghana to have a desktop and mobile keyboard for writing their language. The alphabet for Dagbani is as follows:a b ch d e ɛ f g gb ɣ h i j k kp l m n ny ŋ o ɔ p r s sh t u w y z ʒ 'Below are the special characters we will need to add to the Dagbani desktop keyboard. In the Key-in column ; + e means press the semi-colon key then press the e key.

We will also create a keyboard for the Kamba language of Kenya.The alphabet for Kamba is as follows:a b c d e g h i ĩ k l m n o s t u ũ v w y z 'Below are the special characters we will need to add to the Kamba desktop keyboard.


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