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Atlassian Jira V 6.0 Keygen

Atlassian Jira v 6.0: What's New and Why You Should Upgrade

Jira is a popular software development tool that helps teams plan, track, and release their projects. It supports agile methodologies such as scrum and kanban, and integrates with other Atlassian products like Bitbucket, Confluence, and Bamboo. In this article, we will explore the new features and improvements that were introduced in Jira v 6.0, and how they can benefit your team.

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New User Interface

One of the most noticeable changes in Jira v 6.0 is the redesigned user interface. The new UI is more modern, responsive, and consistent across different devices and browsers. It also offers more customization options, such as choosing your own avatar, theme, and language. The new UI also makes it easier to navigate between projects, issues, boards, and reports, with a simplified top navigation bar and a quick search box.

New Project Templates

Jira v 6.0 introduces new project templates that help you create projects faster and easier. You can choose from a variety of templates based on your project type, such as software development, business process management, service desk, or documentation. Each template comes with predefined workflows, issue types, screens, fields, and permissions that suit your project needs. You can also customize the templates to fit your own requirements.

New Issue Detail View

The new issue detail view in Jira v 6.0 gives you more information and control over your issues. You can see all the relevant details of an issue in one place, such as the summary, description, attachments, comments, subtasks, links, history, and activity stream. You can also edit any of the fields inline, without leaving the page. The new issue detail view also supports keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop attachments, and rich text formatting.

New Agile Boards

If you are using agile methodologies like scrum or kanban, you will love the new agile boards in Jira v 6.0. The new boards are more flexible, configurable, and powerful than ever before. You can create multiple boards for different teams or perspectives, and customize them to show only the columns, swimlanes, filters, and cards that you want. You can also easily move issues across the board using drag-and-drop or keyboard shortcuts.

New Reports and Dashboards

Jira v 6.0 also offers new reports and dashboards that help you track and measure your project progress and performance. You can choose from a range of built-in reports that cover various aspects of your project, such as velocity, burndown, burnup, cumulative flow diagram, control chart, sprint report, epic report, version report, and more. You can also create your own custom reports using JQL queries or external data sources. You can then add these reports to your dashboards to get a quick overview of your project status.

Why You Should Upgrade

As you can see, Jira v 6.0 brings a lot of new features and improvements that can enhance your software development experience. By upgrading to Jira v 6.0, you can enjoy a faster, easier, and more powerful way of managing your projects. You can also take advantage of the latest integrations with other Atlassian products and third-party apps that extend the functionality of Jira. If you want to learn more about Jira v 6.0 or try it for free, visit the official website.


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