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Old Master Q Comics |BEST| Download Cbr

Love the app! I am using Ubooquity to stream comics. At first the thumbnail images were clear and high quality. One time after I added some new comics and refreshed the library, the library thumbnails are now blurry.

old master q comics download cbr

is there a maximum number of comics that can be added to the library? I have added Ubooquity server but it gets to about 10% when analyzing. I have tried it both with covers turned on and off and it gets stuck at the exact same place

Hello, I am using a Samba connection to have available a library Bd stored on a hard drive wifi.When I download a series or Bd, it is not stored on my shelf BDthèque folder.The link is still one of my hard drive and requires me to be connected.The opening of the file it is done a new download or if my DDwifi is not on I can not get to it.In summary I would like to download my bd to a folder on my tablet once and for all,without using a first file manager.Thank you in advance.Sorry for the google translate!:-)

Hello, this app has been working very well for me but I did want to point out I suffered from the same problem that Bravethrasher has above. I uploaded my cbr/cbz files to Google Drive using my chromebook. When I view the files in Drive they say Compressed Archive. If I download those files on windows and re-upload to drive using the web interface, they show up as Unknown File and are then added to the Library in Challenger Comics Viewer. Do you think this is a Google Drive issue or something you think you can address in the app? Thanks for any assistance and your hard work!

So, the app keeps deleting my files. I download a lot so I can binge but when I download more than 30 comics or 6 trades, it starts deleting my stuff. I have more than enough storage. Is there a way to stop it from doing that? Thanks!

When you read comics from network (like from DropBox). You will need connection even if you already opened it before (because the app will need to check if file has changed). To avoid this problem you can download file on your device (using long press action on this file and then choose Download action), it will download the file in your Download folder so you can open it and read it offline.

I just have one issue when using Ubooquity as source for the library. All my comics have been tagged using ComicTagger and it seems to cause some issues with the sort order. I thought it would use the file name but it is the comic title that is used instead, resulting in a strange order. With Saga, I get the following when sorting alphabetically:

I have my comics stored in google drive. some are .cbz and some are .cbr. when I direct it to the folder with my comics it finds all the .cbz files and adds them to my library but not the .cbr files. unfortunately, most of them are .cbr.

Download action (using long press) will download file in your download folder and the folder hierarchy will be kept. So, can you check folders in your download folder ? You should find the right one.About network libraries, you will need network access (to check if files was modified). So if you are using network libraries and want to read a file without network access, you must manually download it first and then manually open it (from the right folders in your download folder).Does it work on your side ?

Hi I think everything was downloading yesterday for me but it was for a new comic series/folder. I think I may know how to reproduce the issue. First you attempt to download the entire folder (which may be 40-50 comics). If that process somehow gets interrupted, say only the first 2 comics were downloaded you killed the app. Then you will not be able to longpress and download the third comic. To fix this I refreshed that particular folder using the refresh library function, then the comics started downloading aging if I long press.

Can you confirm you created only one library (and not one library for each folder) ?When you create a library, all comics present in this folder will be added AND also all comics present in sub-folders.

You are right, I need to add a local check when reading network file (to avoid network access is file is already present). I will add this to my todo list. I will also add the ability to change download folder to my todo list.

3. Could it be possible to download covers from well known comic sites (or even google)? I know this is not a comic download app, but listen audiobooks apps and also ebook reader apps have this option. Maybe you could also get some metadata: cover + general comic description + per episode plot.

I noticed this problem few weeks ago. It seems Google has changed few things on Google Drive external access management.I fixed the problem last week (by updating drive access code), but I did not publish the fixed version yet (on Google play store).If you are OK, I can send you a link to download it and install it (all existing library and configuration will be kept), so you can validate the fix ?If you agree, can you contact me by e-mail (, I will send you the link.

I am having trouble in opening SOME comics both in CBR and pdf format. They are opening fine on my desktop but not in Challenger comics reader app. A black screen is appearing on trying to open any of those files. what should i do?

Hi,If you already created a library from Google drive entry. You can do a long press on the comics cover (in Library view) and choose the download action. It will download the file on your device (in Download folder).I hope it will match your needs.

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